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Saying Goodbye

EDITOR’S NOTE: Since this post first appeared we have resumed updating the blog.

After more than three years of blog postings, we are no longer adding posts. Our original aim was to bring many medical humanities voices, perspectives, and projects to the attention of those who are working in the field. To that end we published 78 invited entries by almost as many different authors. Our posts always began with an image, in keeping with our belief that art is an important element and resource for medical humanities.

There were discussions of what constitutes “medical humanities” and “biocultures.” Writers told of new medical humanities initiatives they had instituted at their health care institutions and universities. We learned of experiments in narrative self reflection and creative writing. Often, there were constructive comments and interesting questions in response to our blogs. We invite you to browse, learn from, and enjoy these posts. We direct your attention also to several worthy medical humanities blogs that are current:

In the United States
Daniel Goldberg’s Medical Humanities Blog
Rebecca Garden’s blog on Teaching Disability in Health and Ethics

In the United Kingdom
British Medical Journal’s Medical Humanities Blog, edited by Deborah Kirklin
Medical Humanities written by a large group of contributors.

Thanks to all for your interest and participation.
Felice Aull, Ph.D., M.A.

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