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Medical Humanities and Live Theater. See It Now!

For those living in or near New York City, there are unusual opportunities to attend plays that bear directly on individual experiences of illness, altered bodily states, and the cultural and social context in which those alterations occur.

Still playing is Tony Kushner’s Angels in America at the Signature Theater Company.”This play explores “the state of the nation”–the sexual, racial, religious, political and social issues confronting the country during the Reagan years, as the AIDS epidemic spreads. .. Characters in the play struggle to find meaning in a world apparently abandoned by God.”
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Through December 19 is Harold Pinter’s A Kind of Alaska, together with The Collection at the Classic Stage Company. The play is partly based on Oliver Sacks’s book, Awakenings.

Recently closed: Wings, by Arthur Kopit: See annotation; Three Women, by Sylvia Plath: See annotation; Photograph 51, by Anna Ziegler (The race to understand the structure of DNA, with scientist Rosalind Franklin as a central character).

Posted by Felice Aull, Ph.D., M.A.

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