a man who had fallen among thieves

Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin)

Primary Category: Literature / Poetry
Secondary Category: Literature / Poetry

Genre: Poem

Annotated by:
Aull, Felice
  • Date of entry: Oct-01-1993
  • Last revised: Aug-31-2006


The poem describes, satirically and in graphic detail, the sorry state of a man who, during an "emancipated evening" has fallen into a drunken stupor, been robbed, and left by the roadside, ignored by all who pass. Only at the end does the tone change as the narrator becomes the sole rescuer, "stagger[ing] . . . with terror through a million billion trillion stars."


First published: 1926

Primary Source

Complete Poems, 1904-1962


Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

Place Published

New York



Secondary Source

Complete Poems, 1913-1962