Many of the poems in this volume bring historical figures to life; these include figures as varied as "Wallace Stevens, Walking," "The Death of Shelley," "Rembrandt's Head," "Immanuel Kant," and "David Hume and the Butterfly." Some, such as "The Miracle," "Dr. Beaumont's Miraculous Hole," and "The Corpse in the White House," focus on specifically "medical" aspects of history. Dr. Young also includes a number of poems that arise from his own experience as a practitioner; e.g. "The Rodeo Queen," "The Medusa," and "Night Call."


This first volume won the 1996 Washington Prize in Poetry. Dr. Young's poems are fine, well-crafted pieces that infuse their subjects with humanity and passion. Unlike many poetic works that deal primarily with historical themes, these poems are quite accessible and remarkably satisfying.


The Word Works

Place Published

Washington, D.C.