The author, a renowned monologist, gives a hilarious account of his adventures as he attempts to cure a disturbing change in vision, diagnosed as macula pucker. His encounter with conventional medicine, including a physician who coldly recommends "a little macula scraping" leads the author on a worldwide search for the perfect, alternative cure.

He winds up naked and panting in a "Native American sweat lodge," following a rigid raw vegetable diet, trying the Christian Science prayers of his youth, and participating in a wild and gory psychic healing session in the Philippines with the "Elvis Presley of psychic surgeons." He finally controls his multiple anxieties about entering middle age, listens to his sensible fiancee, and undergoes conventional surgery.


This book is funny, laugh-out-loud-as-you-read funny. The author is a master storyteller--full of wit, sharp on details, creator of well-crafted characters. As with most worthwhile comedy, though, the themes are profound. He examines aging and love and trust. Most literature concerning medicine tends to be serious--this is a wonderfully refreshing exception.


The author has performed this work live in various theaters, to critical acclaim.


Random House

Place Published

New York