This large, wide-ranging anthology is subtitled Poems for Men. The editors consider 16 aspects of male life and experience, and present groups of poems illustrating each aspect. Each section is introduced by a few pages of commentary. Representative sections include Approach to Wildness, Father's Prayers for Sons and Daughters, War, I Know the Earth and I Am Sad, Making a Hole in Denial, Anger Hatred Outrage, Earthly Love, and Zaniness.


This is not an anthology of poems about illness, pain, health care, or healing. Many of the individual poems, however, reflect these topics as they appear in men's lives. The editors have chosen a remarkable array of poems about male character, virtue, aspiration, pain, psychology, and behavior (e.g. parenting). Many deal with topics important in the field of Literature and Medicine (see Keywords).


Harper Collins

Place Published

New York




Robert Bly, James Hillman, & Michael Meade

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