Hope Sze is a resident in family medicine aiming to qualify for the extra year in emergency medicine training. She has just moved from her medical school in London, Ontario, to begin residency in St. Joseph’s Hospital, Montreal. Her furniture and clothing have not yet arrived.

On orientation day, she meets her resident colleagues and takes a shine to Alex who clearly likes her too. But the excitement and anticipation of this new chapter in their lives is disrupted when the body of one of the attending physicians is found lying in the locker room. 

A “whodunnit” with medicine, romance, and suspense in which Hope makes a few mistakes but manages to identify the murderer and the motives.


An easy read with character studies of medical “types,” which will be enjoyably recognizable to readers from health-care professions.  

The hospital ambience and the medical scenarios–tilting toward the specifics of trauma and the undercurrent of emotional entanglements (not to mention detailed descriptions of clothing)—evoke drama akin to such series as “House,” “ER,” and “St Elsewhere.”

As a unilingual anglophone with Chinese origins, Hope is smitten and often confused by the well delineated, sultry atmosphere of summer in Montreal—so different from Ontario. This book is the first of at least five Hope Sze novels. Like her millennial heroine, Melissa Yi (nom de plume) is a 2000 graduate of the Schulich School of Medicine and is now a practicing family physician with a certificate in emergency medicine, which she obtained in Montreal (2003).

As Dr. Melissa Yuan-Innes, the author has also written medical nonfiction books about “dry eyes” and “back pain.” She works in eastern Ontario and writes articles for the Medical Post– articles that are skeptical of the Canadian health-care system and heavy on physicians' quality of life, income, and workload.


Melissa Li is a pseudonym for Melissa Yuan-Innes.


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