Physician, poet, artist, parent, astute observer of his environment, Dr. Schneiderman gives us a wide vision of the things that inform his personal world. This collection of poems and pen and ink sketches spans almost four decades of its creator's life and life experiences. The author has collated his work around nine key foci, roughly but not totally, temporal in sequence. Through his eyes we meet his history related to New York City, his profound love for and attachment to his beloved wife and son, his humbleness before the labors of his chosen profession and the persons he meets in this context, and, finally, his tributes to the bravery of the men and women who responded to the horrendous assault of 9/11/01 upon his birthplace, the Great City.


Although very personal in its genesis, this collection has multiple points of connection to all of us: parents, physicians, members of a family, citizens of a place and a culture, observers of the natural and the manmade worlds in which we all live. There is not a poem or a sketch in this collection that one of more of its readers will not connect with: "Yeah, I know how that feels." For the reader and/or teacher of medical humanities, this work is bulging with both medicine and the broader human condition.



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New York



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