The author, a pediatrician by training who has gradually moved into psycho-oncology and training others in relationship centered care, writes about life in this collection of short vignettes and analyses. She blends stories of her own experiences as patient and as woman with those she has gathered from a long history of patient encounters. There is no temporal sequence, but the work is grouped into thematic segments. The author shares selected, carefully garnered and assessed narratives of life events intended to be spiritually healing to those who are ill or who care for the sick.


The style of this collection is gentle, low-key and totally unapologetic for its journeys into the mystical and scientifically inexplicable elements of healing. Remen uses her insights as a wounded healer to demonstrate, through stories, the kaleidoscope of possibilities in human response to a failing body. This is, among other things, another demonstration of the power of listening and the value of the personal narrative in the practice of medicine.



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New York



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