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Lois LaCivita Nixon has graduate degrees from Rollins College (M.A.T.), Middlebury College (M.Litt.), and the University of South Florida (Ph.D., M.P.H.). Her area of study includes medical ethics and humanities, women's issues, aging, and the impact of globalism on health care. Most recently, she co-edited a textbook, Medical Ethics and Humanities (Jones & Bartlett, 2009). In addition she co-edited two books on health care (On Doctoring and Trials, Tribulations, and Celebrations) and co-authored Literary Anatomies.  Dr. Nixon has published in The Journal of Clinical Ethics, Law, Medicine & Health Care, The Journal of Medical Humanities, Pharos, The Journal of Aging and Identity, and Academic Medicine. Her most recent articles are entitled "Pyramids and Rhomboids in the Rationalist World of Medicine" and "Emerging Issues in International Health Systems Organization." For two years, she served as Chair of the Hillsborough County Hospital Authority and is currently a member of the Committee on Governance for the American Hospital Association and is active, as well, in the National Association of Public Hospitals. She is a former Peace Corps Volunteer (Togo), a three-time NEH Fellow, a PEW Trust Fellow, and a Fulbright scholar (Jordan).

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