Massad, Stewart

Primary Category: Literature / Fiction

Genre: Short Story

Annotated by:
Moore, Pamela
  • Date of entry: Jan-28-1997


The male narrator works in an abortion clinic. On a daily basis he faces taunts from protesters and the bloody fragments of fetuses. His only consolations are his loving dog and a female lover. He says that he sticks with the job because he loves women and can't turn them down when they ask for his help. One day, he comes home from work to find that a protester has killed his dog. His lover comes and comforts him.


The story provides an opportunity to discuss the ethics of abortion and the problems to be faced by those who decide to perform them. The narrator's motivation for the work is worth discussion. He claims he loves women, but demonstrates little affection for his patients or for his lover.

Primary Source

Doctors and Other Casualties



Place Published

New York



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