Three Poems by Felice Aull

Aull, Felice

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Genre: Poetry

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Davis, Cortney
  • Date of entry: Jul-12-2021


Poet Felice Aull has three poems in "Lullabies & Confessions," an anthology of poems about parenting published by University Professors Press. In her poems, Aull often bravely sheds her professional mantle to reveal personal experiences, deeply observed.


In "Daughter in Her Eighth Month," page 64, Aull considers her daughter, pregnant at middle age. "I did not crave to be a mother," Aull admits, neither did she desire to be a grandmother.  Yet here is her granddaughter--"that floating fingered shadow" revealed on the ultrasound screen.  The poet's daughter is going to have a girl, this yet unborn baby "pummeling" and moving in utero, as babies do, announcing themselves. "That's how our babies enlist us," Aull writes, and she feels her granddaughter pull her, "blood on blood," into a relationship.  In the poem's wonderful ending, the poet sees how this coming together will end--both actually and metaphorically: "we three are sliding, slipping toward / the edge of separation."      

"Inside, Looking Out" (page 102) captures a magical moment. A mother, "years later," looks back at a "spectacle" she shared with her small girl.  Mother and daughter are looking out the window during a thunderstorm.  "Lightling," the baby mispronounces, naming "the silver flash / slicing the sky."  The mother shows her daughter how rain bounces on the road, how thunder follows the "brilliant light strikes."  By poem's end, this moment is long past, but never forgotten.  "Lightling," the poet-mother says now whenever lightning illuminates the sky, recalling a cherished memory.  By honoring that memory in this poem, Aull makes it forever new.

After someone we love dies, we miss turning to them, telling them about the everyday events we want to share.  "My Mother's Power" (page 128) is a small, jewel-like poem that captures, in seven  lines, a universal experience.  The narrator tells us that she often begins to talk to her mother "before I startle to catch myself / speaking to her inside my head, / left to cast about--no one else / quite right for my news." This poem illustrates not only the power our deceased loved ones continue to have in our lives, but also the power of poetry to relay complex human emotions in a few, just right words.


Felice Aull, PhD, is a poet, educator and researcher whose interests include, among many others, the medical humanities, disabilities and the impact of cultures on illness narratives. Aull started the Literature, Arts and Medicine Database in 1993; many of her writings can be found on this site. 

Primary Source

Lullabies & Confessions: Poetic Explorations of Parenting Across the Lifespan


University Professors Press

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Colorado Springs, CO




Louis Hoffman & Lisa Vallejos

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