These poems are not a cancer chronicle, but the experience of living with cancer is threaded through them in a way that illustrates beautifully how awareness of illness may permeate daily life, but is foregrounded and backgrounded, reshaped and revisited in shifting ways as it takes its course.  They encompass moments in family life, moments in the hospital, moments of spiritual longing and awareness of loss.  Together they offer a record of accommodation, acclimation, and complex acceptance.


Collections of poems can be dipped into at any point, but there is something to be said for reading them through as a  sequence.  These poems, in particular, map a topography of life with cancer whose surprises and challenges emerge in recurrent references to suffering that is rarely made explicit, but shades the scenes of family life, teaching, and solitude the poems record.  They are gentle, reflective, spiritually evocative and often surprise the reader in lines that linger.  It is a valuable collection for those going through similar journeys of decision and reflection, and for anyone accompanying a person with cancer.


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