In the course of sharing her own experience of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, the writer offers personal reflections on coping with each of a number of specific challenges most American women with breast cancer face:  desperation, fear, sadness, anger, guilt, overwhelming choices about treatment, side-effects of treatment, grief, adjusting to a new "normal," shifts in relationship, and rethinking spirituality.  She raises hard questions in a compassionate way, encouraging readers to use the experience of illness as an occasion for examining and growing into a new phase of psycho-spiritual maturity.


Addressed essentially to a Christian audience, the book is written with compassion and imagination that give it a wider appeal.  Any woman seeking meaning and spiritual clarity in the midst of coping with breast cancer would be likely to find practical encouragement, usable stories, and prompts for personal reflection in it.  The organization allows it to be read not only as one woman's story but also as a kind of handbook for the journey. Short sections on particular problems, each illustrated with well-told anecdotes from various women's experiences, make it a book to "dip into," as well as one to read through as a record of a courageous and surprising journey.


InterVarsity Press

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Downers Grove, IL



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