Centered on an 85 year-old widower named Mo, the play brings to life many of the issues around end-of-life choices. Mo talks with his late wife, Dolores, through her picture and lets her know of his plans to come back to her. but his plans are interrupted--first by a neighbor and later by his nephew. Each interaction illuminates some aspect of the issues facing Mo: risk factors (loss of his spouse, other friends, work); warning signs (insomnia, giving things away) and protective factors (strong relationship with his nephew). The play shines a light on these themes while always keeping the characters honest and real. Yet the play isn't morbid. The audience frequently shifts from tears to laughter as the play weaves in light moments. In one particularly funny scene, Mo's best friend appears handing out condoms and promoting "Safe Sex 'till Rigor Mortis."


Subtitled "A one-act play about aging, end-of-life choices, and saving room for dessert," starting the conversation is the goal of this powerful teaching tool. Designed as "social theater," the play includes an audience discussion about Mo's choices and plans to end his life. The play is produced by Steve Henderson Productions in collaboration with the Center for Human Development (CHD), a regional mental health provider in Massachusetts. A local public television station produced a DVD of the play with funding from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The DVD, along with an excellent discussion guide, is available from CHD for a modest donation to support education about depression and suicide among older adults. The play is approximately 45 minutes long, and discussion can be from 15-30 minutes depending on available time.


A 2012 grant from the National Endowment for the Arts has supported live performances in Spanish.

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DVD & study guide ©2011 are available from the Center for Human Development, 332 Birnie Ave., Springfield, MA 01107

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