Anna's grandfather, who used to take her for walks in the cornfields and "listen to the corn" with her, dies. Before his death he gave Anna her own kernels to plant when spring came. Anna, mourning her grandfather when spring comes, doesn't want to plant the seeds; she wants to save them. But her mother points out that if she doesn't plant them, she'll never hear the music from them that her grandfather taught her to hear. She tends the corn and listens. It isn't until fall that she hears the song and crackle of the corn she shared with her grandfather. After the harvest she gathers her own seeds to plant in the coming year.


This beautifully written and illustrated little story reads like a parable. Anna has a decision to make about holding on, letting go, and going on. Helpful for generating discussion with children about how to mourn a loss and commemorate in life-affirming ways.


Illustrated by Lloyd Bloom


Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

Place Published

Grand Rapids, Mich.



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