Stroke of Good Luck: A True Nurse Romance

Kotzwinkle, William

Primary Category: Literature / Fiction

Genre: Short Story

Annotated by:
Ratzan, Richard M.
  • Date of entry: Jul-26-2004


Before and after an appendectomy (done for what seem possibly questionable indications) an adolescent boy just feeling the surges of pubescence receives the appropriate attentions of a nurse. During a follow-up visit, for no clear medical reason that I can fathom, he also experiences the exhilarating good luck, for him, of a sperm test, performed by the physician's "young, good-looking nurse."


In "Stroke Of Good Luck," William Kotzwinkle, the talented and versatile author of the cultish Fan Man, a novel that just flows from beginning to end, and winner of several awards for E. T., the Extra-Terrestrial: A Novel, revels in the bawdy punning that adolescence, pubescence and the variously interpreted rituals of medicine afford.

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Elephant Bangs Train



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New York



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