Winged Victory, Altered Images: Transcending Breast Cancer

Myers, Art

Primary Category: Visual Arts / Photography

Genre: Photographs with Commentary

Annotated by:
Sirridge, Marjorie
  • Date of entry: Nov-18-2001


Art Myers is not only an art photographer but also a physician who specializes in preventive medicine and public health. Having experienced breast cancer in members of his own family, including his wife, he began to see the disease in a new light and undertook this photographic project to show that for a woman, the loss of part or all of her breast need not be a threat to her being.

In addition to the artistic nude photographs of thirteen different women from a variety of backgrounds there are meaningful personal vignettes and beautiful poetry by Maria Marrocchino. Some of the photographs show women with significant others. The women present their bodies and themselves with humor, sadness, vulnerability and honesty.


I will find this book very helpful in any discussions of the impact of breast cancer on women and it will be especially useful in our course, The Body Image in Medicine and the Arts. A related photographic piece is Matuschka Archive, annotated in the art section of this database.


There is information that quantity discounts are available on bulk purchases of the book for educational training purposes, fund raising, or gift giving.


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