Opening during the early days of World War II, this haunting story of love, war, families and nations, good and evil covers 60 plus years in the life of a young Greek woman on the island of Cephallonia. The narrative traces the disruption of the peace of the old village by Italian occupation, German cleansing, and Communist infiltration in developing a history, while revolving around the personal life stories of the island physician, his daughter and her deep and romantic love for an enemy soldier, and the cowardice and bravery of people caught up in the horrors of war.


The wise physician, whose village and home are the center of the drama presented in this novel, is both the island healer and a self-declared historian of the ancient Greek culture that evolved there and that informs the almost mythical magic of the story. It is through Dr. Iannis's consciousness that we grow to understand the glory of Greece, and her vulnerability to enemies new and old during and following World War II.


Vintage International

Place Published

New York