Morgan Spurlock decides to test the effects of fast food by eating nothing but food from McDonald's, three meals a day, for thirty days. Three physicians and a dietician are involved from the outset and track his rapidly increasing weight and declining health. Along the way he visits McDonald's outlets around the US, interviewing workers and fast food enthusiasts, and considers the implications of a recent lawsuit brought against McDonald's by customers who blame the company for their obesity.


In the Michael Moore genre, Spurlock makes himself the protagonist of his documentary investigation into the effects of America's fast food culture. The result is dubious as science, but engrossing as social commentary. We see Spurlock's health, and mood, deteriorate and his physicians' surprise at the effects, apparently even worse than they'd imagined, of an all-McDonald's diet. A useful starting point for discussions of obesity in America, social and cultural perceptions of health and disease, the role of marketing and individual responsibility for lifestyle choices, and so on.

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Hart Sharp Video