Save me / from love affairs / with the pale-green neutral cast of money. / Give me the hue and cry / of words! ("Lime Green") In these poems Ron Charach's love affairs with words are warm, poignant, witty, and wise--none of them have that "neutral cast of money." The poet's topics range from childhood and adolescent experiences to poetry readings, and from "Freud's Face" to "Prostates Growing."


Petrushkin! is the fifth collection published by Ron Charach, a fine Canadian psychiatrist-poet. Most of these poems are energetic narratives written in an expansive and frequently witty style. Charach uses ordinary language and the images of day-to-day life, but often converts them into surprising oases of beauty, as is the case with "Miss Karyn McNally's Face": "How sorely wanted is your beauty / on this damp loveless winter day."



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Victoria, British Columbia , Canada



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