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Since 2005 Lucy Bruell has led seminars for New York University School of Medicine's third year students during their medical clerkship, in the Humanistic Aspects of Medical Education program.  She is also President of L.A. Bruell, Inc., an interactive media company founded in 1986 that develops film and interactive programs about the fine arts and medicine. She has produced a trilogy of documentaries on young classical pianists that aired on public television stations nationwide. “On a Personal Note,” the final film of the trilogy (2011), was awarded a Gold Medal of Excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival. In the area of medical education, Ms. Bruell produced “Feelings Need Check Ups Too,” an interactive program for pediatricians to prepare them for the surge in PTSD, grief and depression among children exposed to the events of 9/11. Most recently, Ms. Bruell and Dr. Danielle Laraque were awarded a grant from the NIH to develop “Stop, Look, and Listen,” an on-line teaching tool for pediatricians on recognizing child abuse. She is also collaborating with the Palliative Care Team at NYU Langone Medical Center to create a digital library of case studies. Lucy Bruell graduated from the University of California at Berkeley where she studied existentialism with Professor Hubert Dreyfus and film history with Bertrand Augst in the Comparative Literature department. After receiving her degree, she wrote film reviews for the cable television program “In Review,” and worked on several independent films, including Errol Morris’ “Gates of Heaven.” In 1981, Ms. Bruell earned a M.S. in Journalism from Columbia University. Before starting her media company she was a reporter at Newsweek Television where she covered a broad range of subjects, including the Navajo-Hopi land dispute, twin plants along the US Mexican borders, and teenage runaways. She has worked abroad in Egypt, Greece, France and East Germany.

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