Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay in Forty Questions

Luiselli, Valeria

Primary Category: Literature / Nonfiction

Genre: Essay

Annotated by:
McClelland, Spencer
  • Date of entry: Feb-26-2018
  • Last revised: Feb-26-2018


An extended essay on the experience of child immigrants woven around the forty questions that author Valeria Luiselli asks in her work as a translator for children seeking entry into the United States.


Not so much an essay on the overall state of immigration (demographics, policy, etc.), as it is a probing of the hardship facing children leaving (usually fleeing) Central America and attempting to find a home in the United States, the work shines because of its brevity and density.  Luiselli works in enough sobering stories, focusing on several children in particular, to bring her reader out of the heady world of political debate and media coverage and back to the people at the center of things.  An easy and very worthwhile read.


Coffee House Press

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