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Immigration in the News

Immigration is much in the news these days. The law that was passed in Arizona will, according to many legal experts, certainly be challenged as unconstitutional, and one hopes that the courts will strike it down. Perhaps we should all do as Linda Greenhouse suggested: wear buttons that say “I could be illegal.” Greenhouse wrote (in a recent New York Times Op Ed piece) that she was glad she had already seen the Grand Canyon because she wasn’t planning to return to Arizona. As someone who has regularly enjoyed the spectacular scenery in that state and hiked many a trail there, I am in distress about the politics of the place and torn about going back.
Felice Aull

Below is a link to a commentary about immigration and heath care, “Immigrants, patients have unique stories”, by physician author Danielle Ofri. Ofri is Associate Professor of Medicine at New York University School of Medicine, editor of The Bellevue Literary Review, and author most recently of Medicine in Translation: Journeys with My Patients.

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