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Confronting Cancer through Art (University of Pennsylvania)
Expressions of Courage: Art by People with Epilepsy (Ortho-McNeil Neurologics, Inc.)
The Pain Exhibit (art by artists with chronic pain; Mark R. Collen, creator & project manager)
Saving Faces (University of Nebraska and University of Nebraska at Omaha Art Gallery)
Society for The Arts in Health Care
Wellcome Images: 2000 Years of Human Culture

Databases, Rosters, Bibliographies

Bibliography of Women Physicians' Autobiographies (University of Missouri, Kansas City)
Humanities, Arts and Medicine Database (Memorial University of Newfoundland))
Literature and Medicine bibliography---registration required. (Maine Humanities Council)
The Madness and Literature Network database of literature
Medical Humanities Resource Database (University College, London)
Public Health and Social Justice reference materials (Martin Donohoe, M.D.)
Roster of Physician Writers (Bryant Collection, New York University School of Medicine)
Selected Dissertation Abstracts (University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library System).

History of Medicine, History of Science

American Association for the History of Medicine
Canadian Society for the History of Medicine
College of Physicians of Philadelphia Historical Library and Mutter Museum
Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics (Harvard Open Collections Program)
Deadly Medicine: Creating the Master Race (U.S. Holocaust Museum)
Disability History Museum (private organization)
Edgar Fahy Smith Collection of Science Images (University of Pennsylvania)
Hannah Institute for the History of Medicine
National Library of Medicine (USA)
UCLA Louise M. Darling Biomedical Library
The Wellcome Trust (England)
Wellcome Images: 2000 Years of Human Culture


Ars Medica (Department of Psychiatry, Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto)
Arts & Health (Society for the Arts in Healthcare)
Bellevue Literary Review (Department of Medicine, NYU School of Medicine)
The Canadian Creative Arts in Health, Training and Education eNews/journal (Cheryl McLean, Publisher/Editor)
Cell2Soul(The Journal of Humane Medicine and the Medical Humanities)
Dermanities (Alliance for Humane Dermatology)
Ethics and the Humanities (Lahey Clinic Medical Ethics Newsletter)
The Healing Muse (Center for Bioethics and Humanities, SUNY Upstate Medical University)
Hektoen International Journal: A Journal of Medical Humanities (Hektoen Institute of Medicine in Chicago)
Hospital Drive (University of Virginia School of Medicine)
The Journal of Healthcare, Science and the Humanities (A Navy Medicine Publication with Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press)
International Journal of Healthcare & Humanities (Penn State College of Medicine)
Journal of Aging, Humanities & Arts (Gerontological Society of America)
Journal of Literary Disability (David Bolt, editor)
Journal of Medical Humanities (Kluwer Press)
Literature and Medicine (Johns Hopkins University Press)
Medical Humanities (British Medical Journal)
Medical Humanities Review (Institute for the Medical Humanities, UTMB)
Narrative Matters (Health Affairs)
Philosophy, Ethics, and Humanities in Medicine (Michael Schwartz & Dan J. Stein, editors)
Pulse (Paul Gross, M.D., editor)
Virtual Mentor (Ethics Journal of the American Medical Association)
The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine (Yale University)

Societies (more)

American Society for Bioethics & Humanities
British Society for Literature and Science
Modern Language Association
National Association for Poetry Therapy
Society for Disability Studies
Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts


Seeing the Difference: Conversations on Death and Dying (University of California, Berkeley)
Interacting with the Medical Humanities(Georgetown University)


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