The Listening Room

Dannie Abse:

Carnal Knowledge

Case History

The Origin of Music

Pathology of Colours

The Stethoscope


Rosellen Brown:

Tender Mercies


Rafael Campo:

The Distant Moon

The Other Man Was Me: A Voyage to the New World

Technology and Medicine

Towards Curing AIDS

What the Body Told


Jack Coulehan:


Anatomy Lesson



The Dust of the West

The Dynamizer and the Oscilloclast




The Man With Stars Inside Him

Medicine Stone

My Uganda

The Power of Inclination

The Resurrection Trade

Shall Inherit

The Six Hundred Pound Man



The Worm


Kay Redfield Jamison:

An Unquiet Mind


Sherwin Nuland:

How We Die


Audrey Shafer:

Monday Morning

Sleep Talker (book of poetry)

  • Anesthesia
  • Center Stage
  • Don’t Start, Friend
  • Gurney Tears
  • Reading Leaves
  • Spring
  • Three Mothers


Marc Straus:

One Word (book of poetry)

  • The Log of Pi
  • One Word (poem)
  • People Who Live in Glass Houses

Symmetry (book of poetry)

  • Sand Crab
  • Red Polka-Dot Dress
  • Over Roanoke
  • Two Weeks
  • Chapel
  • Semaphore
  • Not God
  • 19332
  • Monday
  • Apple Cores
  • Fifth Finger
  • Eleventh Floor
  • Sigh

Q & A with Marc Straus