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Howard Carter on Pulse: More Voices—a Second Anthology

"Almost all are direct, clear, and insightful about illness, medical care, and the many ways that humans may suffer..."

Carol Donley on Cortney Davis's "When The Nurse Becomes The Patient: A Story in Words and Images"

"This deeply moving story in pictures puts us in the patient’s emotional experience..."

Rich Ratzan on Robinson Jeffers' "Hurt Hawks"

"This poem will prove a rich mine of material for students of literature and medicine, especially vis-à-vis ethics, given its frank discussion and description of euthanasia[...]"

Gretl Lam on David and Fiona Haslam's "Fat, Gluttony, and Sloth: Obesity in Literature, Art, and Medicine"

"This book examines the rise of the obesity epidemic through the perspectives of art, literature, and medicine, particularly in Britain, with brief mention of continental Europe and North America."

Carol Donley on Jack Coulehan's "Bursting with Danger and Music"

"Bursting with Danger and Music reveals Jack Coulehan’s characteristic sensitivity to contradictions, tensions, and creative energy."

Howard Carter on David Linden's "Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind"

"Linden’s big picture of how touch works and how it fits into personal and social behavior is always clear and compelling."

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