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Shawn Thomas on Leonardo da Vinci by Walter Isaacson

"In this most recent biography, Isaacson takes us through the life and times of Leonardo, highlighting milestones of his career, while also underscoring some of the seemingly trivial habits that were signatures of Leonardo’s personality and worldview."

Sebastian Galbo on Life & Times of Michael K by J. M. Coetzee

"While Coetzee’s novel does not directly explore overt themes of medicine and medical ethics, his narrative posits an abstract allegory that draws parallels between the human body and the body politic, human wellness and the health of society, human survival and the emaciation of the State."

Michael Natter on Stitches by David Small

"Stitches is a beautifully crafted graphic novel by award winning writer and illustrator David Small. The memoir chronicles Smalls’ life with chronic illness, focusing on his experience as a child and adolescent with cancer in the setting of an abusive upbringing."

Marilyn McEntyre on Hope and Grace: Spiritual Experiences in Severe Distress, Illness, and Dying by Monika Renz

"Dr. Monika Renz’s work with dying patients is unusual if not unique in the way she appropriates and applies insights from Jungian depth psychology, practices available in patients’ faith traditions, and musically guided meditation to invite and support the spiritual experiences that so often come, bidden or unbidden, near the end of life."

Albert Howard Carter on Slow Medicine: The Way of Healing by Victoria Sweet

"Victoria Sweet describes her training in medical school, residency, and work in various clinics and hospitals. From all of these she forms her own sense of what medical care should include: “Slow Medicine” that uses, ironically, the best aspects of today’s “Fast” medicine."

Tony Miksanek on Admissions: Life as a Brain Surgeon by Henry Marsh

"In this follow-up to his masterful memoir Do No Harm, British neurosurgeon Henry Marsh must deal with old age and retirement after nearly four decades as a doctor."

Cortney Davis on Mandatory Evacuation Zone by Felice Aull

"Felice Aull has gathered 63 beautifully crafted poems in which she examines the intricacies of language and loss, of grief and healing."

Mark Clark on Letters from Limbo by Jeanne Marie Beaumont

"This collection of poems is a memoir in verse: it is a lyric and epistolary exploration of what it is to live in the limbo of an emotional and psychological ambiguity whose genesis lies in maternal loss, mourning, depression, and despair."

Gabriel Redel-Traub on Bellevue: Three Centuries of Medicine and Mayhem at America’s Most Storied Hospital by David Oshinsky

"Oshinsky’s affection for Bellevue as an institution, for its physicians and for its hallowed place in the history of New York City shines throughout making the book both exciting and relevant for the modern reader."

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