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Albert Howard Carter on Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and a Culture in Crisis by J.D Vance

“Vance’s book is important for providing an intimate, specific, and thoughtful description and analysis of his society, a hidden pocket of America.”

Russell Teagarden on Manchester by the Sea directed by Kenneth Lonergan

"In the midst of profound suffering from unrelenting sadness and hopelessness, we often turn to novels, poems, movies, art, and music for catharsis and empathy...There are times, however, when relief remains out of reach."

Martin Kohn on Dothead by Amit Majmudar

Amit Majmudar is a writer and physician and poet Laureate of Ohio.  Dothead is Majmudar’s 3rd collection of poetry. Front and center in his poems is the issue of identity.

Russell Teagarden on The Wilderness by Samantha Harvey

"The author, Samantha Harvey, imagines what it could be like to experience Alzheimer’s dementia from its early stages to the time when there is nothing much left of memories or cognition. She also imagines what it could be like to perceive the onset and progression of one’s own dementia and to intellectualize it."

Gabriel Redel-Traub on Extremis Directed by Dan Krauss

"Extremis… follows Dr. Jessica Zitter a palliative care ICU physician at Highland Hospital in Oakland, California."

Guy Glass on Psychobook by Julian Rothenstein

"The subject of Psychobook is psychological tests, both classic tests and newly created ones. Oversized, with more pictures than text, it is truly an art book."

Tony Miksanek on Mijito by Lucia Berlin

"The experience of poverty, immigration, and single parenthood are vividly depicted. Heartbreaking."
See also Emergency Room Notebook, 1977 by Lucia Berlin

Russell Teagarden on The Danish Girl directed by Tom Hooper

"This movie is the true story of Einar and Gerda Wegener from a few years after they were married in 1904 until Lili’s death in offers particular insights on empathy and on the lengthy arc medical advances and social movements move along before they are accepted."

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